Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Best Purse for Traveling

Every fashionable girl wants to travel with a cute purse. Unfortunately, suitcase space and practicality often get in the way. But, it is possible to travel with a lightweight bag this is fashionable and functionable.

My pick, LeSportsac's Deluxe Every Day Bag. I have traveled to four countries with mine; France, Spain, Italy, and Israel.

Top five reasons why I love this bag:

1. The material is lightweight so it is easy to pack as well as carry around all day. It's also super easy to clean.
2. There are a variety of patterns and colors to chose from. Have fun viewing the colors on their website. Also every season this bag comes in new prints and colors.
3. The adjustable strap means you can wear this bag as a cross body bag or as a shoulder bag.
4. Two main pockets (one that is expandable) and three smaller outer pockets allow for easy organization and access to your belongings.
5. The zipper closures ensure that no one can get into your bag but you, take that pickpockets of Rome!

My mom also has this bag (as per my suggestion) and we both used ours on our trip to Europe. While we were at Campo de Fiori in Rome, we spotted a man lingering behind us, obviuosly observing our pockets to see if they were bulging with something in them. Of course he didn't find anything because we had our LeSportsac bags, across our body, with our hands over the zippers. He got really close to me, I turned around, and then he disappeared into thin air. He knew not to mess with the LeSportsac bag.

Here we are at the to of Notre Dame. We used the tiny outside pocket to hold our water bottles (smart, smart!)

This is me on my most recent itnernational trip in Israel. I am in the DESERT!

Don't forget to get a bag for your guy too! You don't want to be lugging around his stuff the entire vacation, do you? The Men's Small Crossbody works great. I recommend this one over the messenger bags because they have zipper closures whereas the messenger bags only have flaps over the main pocket.

Safe and happy travels!