Sunday, April 8, 2012

Costa Rica - Dia Uno Continued

I guess I should start from where I left off.

After our nearly five hour wait in San Jose for our flight to Nosara, we were finally underway! After all that waiting, our plane was literally in the air 10 minutes after having our tickets checked to board, definitely not an experience you have on a large commercial airline!

"Puddle Jumpers" as these short flights are called, provide spectacular views of the Costa Rica landscape. Words can't really describe the gorgeousness so I will show you some pictures.

Gulf of Nicoya coastline

Archipelago and the airplane wing

This was a boat party island! If you look closely, you can see a bunch of boats off the coast on the far side of the bigger island.

Pacific Coastline

Look at those wave sets!

Pacific Coastline

The most "fun" part of the plane ride was take-off and landing. We had a stop in Tambor so we had the pleasure of taking off and landing twice in an hour. The Tambor runway was awesome! It literally started at the beach and went inland, and wasn't even paved. Love it. 

Our pilot getting ready for take-off

The San Jose runway

From the cockpit, in flight

A picture of the Tambor runway, ready to take off over the water!

When we arrived we were mucha hambre! JC at our hotel, Casa Romantica, (more on the hotel later) was very helpful and lead us in the direction of food. We dined at The Gilded Iguana which was excellent at the time since we were mucha hambre, but in retrospect was not that fantastic as we have since found better dining options.

With full bellies we wandered the town a little bit before heading back to the hotel. We took a dip in the pool which is heated all day by the blaring sun, showered, and then headed out for more food (really we can't get enough food) to the pizza place at Giardino Tropicale up the road, the hotel I stayed in last time I was in Nosara. The food was not as good as I remembered it. The salads were soggy and the pizza was overcheesed. We did take some of the pizza back to our room to keep in the mini fridge to have after our surf lessons.

After a long day of traveling we fell into a deep slumber in our wonderfully air conditioned room. We needed our beauty sleep for our first day of surf lessons!

Until then...

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