Monday, February 15, 2010

25,430 Vertical Feet - Condo Tour

I. Am. Tired. Exhausted. Pooped. Can I go to sleep now, please?

Today, I blew yesterday away and skied 25,430 vertical feet. Am I insane? Possibly. I calculated that I rode up a chairlift 23 times, skied over 18 different trails (many multiple times), and fell asleep on the bus ride home twice. Today is the "do or die" day. I can stop now, and be happy, but if I keep going and push through the tired and the pain, I will become a better skier, and that is the ultimate goal. I impressed myself today; I skied more vertical feet, but skied slower because I was working on my technique. I almost fear the day I get to 30,000 vertical feet.

Because I'm so tired/exhausted/pooped and don't really have the energy, eye, or finger strength to keep typing, I am going to leave you with a video I took a couple of days ago. It's a walk through virtual tour of our condo. I really love our condo, and now you can see why.

Tomorrow it's over to Park City. I wonder what it will be like after 3 consecutive days at Deer Valley. Until then...


  1. so you are pretty much the cutest vieo maker ever. i love that you said hi into every mirror you passed. lol! the condo looks AHH-mazing, when can i come stay and ski with you?


  2. LOL Kelly. I was like, "Hm, what do I do when I see myself in a mirror because I know there are a lot of them..." I'm glad it turned out to be cute.

    We can plan a ski trip together... This could be fun.

  3. 970 more vertical feet and we would have skied a 5 mile "run"! - Love, Mom

  4. The condo is beautiful! We had a great condo when we skied at Jackson Hole back in 2003.

    I remember you mentioning that you took a cab somewhere, and in this entry you mention a bus...just curious, why did you not rent a car?

  5. We didn't rent a car because everything we need is right by the condo, and the bus system for getting to Deer Valley, Park City, and Canyons is great (and free). We haven't once needed a car. We took a cab to the condo the first day and will take on back to the airport. When we go to Snowbird is the only time we will need to take a taxi while we are here. All the taxi rides are cheaper than renting a car for 28 days! Plus, my mom and I hate driving, haha.

  6. i LOVE it. what a beautiful place to stay. Your Mom is SO adorable making her chicken soup.

  7. Go get some rest! Haha, really, that would be pretty easy since you live in a pretty nice place! It's a nice resting zone to stay in-between skiing, that's for sure.