Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day Off - Uber Girly

Skiing is a workout, so rest days are needed. I know that when my brother comes for 10 days, there is little to no chance I will be getting a break. He's going to want to take advantage of every second he can on the mountain. I'm tired already just thinking about it.

During my day off today, I enjoyed doing the simplest of things that I don't do when I am going to be spending the day skiing. First, I slept late. That was utter perfection. After a long morning shower, I put on real clothes, as opposed to long johns and ski gear. I wore my hair down which felt great after having it in a braid all the time under my helmet. I wore my beloved Uggs instead of ski boots. That might have been the best part of the day (toe freedom!). Finally, I put on mascara, which made me feel uber girly. For some reason wearing goggles that make me look like a bug doesn't make me feel girly.

Mom and I explored Redstone this afternoon. We went to the Post Office and got some postcard stamps, did a huge grocery shop at Smith's, and then headed to a nail salon to get manicures. Oh, what a pleasure that was! My hands, especially my cuticles, were getting so dry from the low humidity content of the air here. The nail technician cut my cuticles perfectly so there are no snaggled edges that I could bite off (nail biting is a terrible habit of mine). But, the best part about the manicure was getting a parafin wax dip for my hands! It's included in the manicure here (it's not back East) becuase everyone's hands get so dry. It felt awesome and looked funky. My mom joked that with the wax on her hands they looked younger! Silly Mom.

After experiencing the waxy goodness on our hands, Mom and I decided that the next time we go we will get manicures AND pedicures. I'm sure we'll be glad to have our feet pampered after all the time they spend in ski boots.

Tomorrow it's back to skiing in Park City. Now that I've had a day of rest, I'm confident I'll be able to get up to 20,000 vertical feet again. Until then...


  1. I love paraffin wax dips! That's awesome that they are just included out there, and I can definitely understand why.

  2. I had paraffin done during a pedicure once and I really wasn't crazy about it. I think it'd be better on hands-- because then you can FEEL all day how soft your hands are. With a pedicure, my feet are way down there, not to be touched or appreciated ;)